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killed without a funeral. >>> and in northwest washington today, a memorial mass for victims of haiti's earthquake. ♪ hundreds of people attended the mass of the shrine of the sacred heart to remember those who perished. the search churched washington's haitian communities and one of its priests was in haiti when the earthquake struck. he heads the archdiocese in washington. >>> a 20-year-old marine from dc is stabbed to death at a party in baltimore. lindsey mastis is in southeast washington with the latest. >> reporter: well, darius ray was stationed here and baltimore police say he and another man were stabbed while attending a party. the second man is in the hospital with serious injuries. it's a tough time for family, friends and his fellow marines. some are turning to facebook and sharing their memories. i'm told his family is still in the process of telling what happened. the marines are working with baltimore police and police are hoping to make some arrests in this case before the end of the day. right now, loved ones are simply trying to cope. i spoke with his sister over
the glad tidings. >> yes. behind me here as we look toward the washington monument nothing but sunshine showing up in the sky and we have a lot of sunshine which means temperatures will be going up, really far today. here we are. 31 degrees. we made our jump with that sunshine. no wind chill because we don't have any winds. dew point shows it is pretty dry outside. things we will be covering this morning, nice and sunny for today and tomorrow. temperatures warmer than they have been. the last 40-degree day. that came new year's day. last 50-degree day was the day after christmas. so we have a good first half of the weekend to talk about, too. a few things to cover right now. get you caught up on the roadways with patranya bhoolsuwan. >>> okay. let's get some traffic. we have an accident on 95 right now at southbound 198. take a look. oh, look it's clear. live breaking news. the accident on 198 is clear but we are seeing traffic heading toward the beltway. jump on the outer loop and you can so it is basically a parking lot here on 93 from 193. 95 to 270 to the american legion very heavy
of a congressional black caucus met with the haitian ambassador yesterday in northwest washington. that meeting was intended to reaffirm the group's commitment to the haitian people and the relief effort on the island nation. >> first of all, remember, when there are tragedies like this all over the world, after a while interest wanes. important thing about haiti is they have got 43 members of congress who will be on this case until haiti is rebuilt. >> reporter: more help is needed in that relief effort. if you would like to help, go to our website at we have links to dozens of relief groups right at the top of the home page. >>> fairfax county is facing a $176 million gap in funding. superintendent dr. jack dale says if the district does not get more money in the state then he will have to make cuts. last night the county announced the possible closure of an alternative high school in order to help with that short fall. >> my fear is what will happen is when we have hundreds of family in the community with no education and statistically it tells us welfare or jail are very high pos
in washington could lead to more changes. it could swing lawmakers ' attention back to jobs and the economy. polls show that is top concern for many voters and a key issue in the election in november. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> former democratic presidential candidate john edwards has admitted that he feared a child outside of his marriage. two years ago edwards admitted to having an affair with a videographer for his presidential campaign. in a statement released this morning, edwards said he will do everything in his power to provide love and support for his daughter. the child turns 2 next month. >>> a former teacher at sidwell friends has been arrested on sex abuse charges involving a male student. 65-year-old robert peterson has been accused of repeatedly inviting a male student to his home, showing him pornography and touching him inappropriately. sidwell announced yesterday that peterson has been fired from the school. sidwell is the same school that president obama's daughters attend. >>> parking meters in the district have gone high-tech and green at the same time. the di
in washington before the day is through. temperatures in he mid-60s and the sunshine right now we could be pushing 70-degrees in the next couple of hours while the rest of the outlook is coming up in a while. >> thank you, devon. >>> the wind is causing problems for utility customer and crews. right now pepco is reporting 1700 customers are affected. northern virginia has nearly 2500 customers without power. our digital correspondent kristin fisher reports from northern virginia on how customers and crews are dealing with it. >> we have seen wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour here in falls church this morning and one of those gusts took down this massive tree. check this out. you can see the tree was completely uprooted and then it fell down around 6:00 a.m. this morning taking down these power lines and then it came crashing down across the street, narrowly missing these two homes. >> we heard a thump on the roof and i thought it was a branch hitting the roof, because they hit all the time and the electricity went out and i went back to sleep until my partner got up and went to work and
this year. the senate shot down the idea just yesterday. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >>> you can watch the state of the union address live tonight on channel 9. coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. with the president's speech followed by the republican response and then you can get more reaction on 9 news now at 11:00 and at >>> toyota has halted the sale of eight of its most popular models. the move is aimed at keeping consumers safe from accelerator pedals which can stick and force the car to speed up unintentionally. the affected models are -- this is after a recall involving 5 million vehicles with the same flaw or one in which floor mats caused the accelerator to get stuck. toyota is also halting production of the vehicles in several plants. >> it seems to be an unprecedented decision for a company to stop selling cars in order to adjust a safety issue. >> having a car go out of control at any minute is not a very pleasant idea. >> they'll fix it before they give it to me. >> it is certainly something to take seriously. no question about it. >> reporter: if you own one of
at the washington monument from the netherlands carillon, 28, not much of a wind chill because the winds are dead calm. we don't have to deal with strong winds. there's the rest of the beltway temperatures. manassas 18. some of us in the upper teens. this might be the last morning of a couple that we have to see those. i want to show you the satellite imagery. we are seeing a lot of sunshine today and we will have more on how warm we will be and touch on the weekend, too because it is a 50/50 weekend outlook and we will have that coming up. >>> thank you very much. >>> we have dramatic video to start off our newscast. look at this. a tanker truck is on fire right now. montross road bridge and i-270. it looks like help is on the way. hazmat has been called. this is definitely blocking traffic there. montrose road bridge and 270. avoid that area if you are heading that way. head to the outer loop and check out what is happening there. as we take our maps this morning, okay, well, 495. 95 to georgia things are looking good. traffic is moving well. route 4, 5 and 301 looking good, as well. no one goi
that they really want people to donate cash. they appreciate the generosity. and the generosity of washington tone yaps and all the stops that they are donating which is very hard to transport the stops much easier to transport money. and this warehouse is absolutely stopped with all kinds of bottled waters and medical supplies and so forth. but you can see here at the loading docks, there are no trucks pulled here. the big question now is how they will get all the stuff out to the island. >> just the simple mind. >> reporter: it is perhaps the measure of the generosity of the people of washington. and that scores of them turned up at the embassy to help. even as some worry about their own friends on the island. and some had reassuring text messages. others had no word at all. >> and you had to hope that you have beautiful stories to show. i hope that she will see that. >> reporter: hundreds of people turned up at the dc warehouse to sort the thousands of bags and boxes that were donated over the weekend. >> and this is something that we need to do. this is the day of giving back to the community.
at homestead air force base where vac he's are -- evacuees are met. in northwest washington today, a memorial mass for victims of haiti's earthquake. ♪ [ music ] hundreds of people attended the mass at the shrine of the sacred heart to remember those who died in the tragedy. archbishop of washington says washington's haitian community will also need time to heal. >> what we're hearing is there are levels of pain and suffering. first, there is the obvious loss of loved ones and people having to deal with those that died or are still missing. and then there's the certain level of despair that sets in when people see the devastation all around them. and they begin to try to anticipate what will happen next. it's in that area that we think we can be of great help. >> the archbishop says he's been pleased with the out pouring of support for haiti by washington's catholic community. >>> heavy rain is headed our way. there are some concerns about flooding. let's head straight over to devon lucy in the weather center. >> we have seen a flash flood watch that goes into effect tomorrow for the counti
, crashes due to any kind of distracted driving will continue. in washington, i'm lindsay mastus. >>> last year dc police issued 11,871 citations for driving while talking or texting on the phone. be honest. do you use your phone when you're behind the wheel and does it make a difference if your kids are perhaps in the car? join the conversation at >>> the ongoing pedal problem. a look at the latest on toyota's massive recall and what's being done to fix it. >>> and that all important snowy weekend forecast. you'll want to keep it right here. thanks for coming back out. sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you". tell him "he's welcome", but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this
, it's time he starts to listen to the american people. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >> you can see much more about the state of the union and the gop response including complete transcripts at there you can also cast your vote in our web pole about the speech. >>> the president and vice president will announce $8 billion in grands to develop high speed rail service. $112million is slatedder the washington to boston corridor and 620 million is earmarked for the raleigh to washington line. it was approved as part of the economic stimulus package last year. >>> metro board members are meeting trying to decide how to deal with a $40 million short fall. there are currently four proposals on the table including adding three minutes to the wait times between trains or simply increase wait times for late-night riders five to ten minutes and another option would be to eliminate to 31 bus lines and the last is a ten cents fare charge. we asked riders who proposals they preferred. >> increased fares. >> why? >> because i think the service is necessary for everyone to be abl
. >> washington wizards star gilbert arenas tonight accepting responsibility for bringing guns into the team locker room but an investigation by local law enforcement and nba continues. >> i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday night. two developing stories. family of abe pollin now speaking out about gilbert arenas and guns in the locker room. >>> first, coldest night of the winter in the washington area. temperatures falling into the teens and when you mix in the windchill it will be color. what's in store? >> temperatures already at zero. even some below zero in some cases. first of all, see where we have our wind advisory. this has been extended to 4:00 a.m. have to go in western parts of virginia and eastern parts of west virginia that are not in the advisory. current temperatures along with the wind speed. strong winds. 30-mile-an-hour winds. 20 degree temperatures. gaitwell below zero in many cases maybe into the teens below zero. i'll show who you will get that frigid air. where temperatures go this entire week and what to expect next week. your entire forecast jus
as president of howard university here in washington for more than 20 years has died. james cheek, he was 77 years old. the university spokesman says he died friday at a hospital in grains borrow, north carolina, after a long illness. he served as howard's president more than 20 years. during his tenure, enrollment increased $6,000. the ufort's budget climbed to more than $400 million. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 1983. the funeral arrangements haven't been announced. >>> heavy snow being blamed for a roof collapse in sioux city, iowa. this is what's left of the lab. cracked tiles covered the floor and ceiling. school officials say repairs could take some time. >> right now we have no e-mail, no internet connection, no availability to grade books or any of our teacher resources, attendants and so on. >> we're seeing a lot of places in my territory where snow load's creating havoc and i think there's more to come. >> firefighters managed to salvage computers and servers. and engineers are assessing the building's safety before students return to class. >>> the fda appro
really come out in full force to help haiti. the greater washington haiti relief committee has received thousands and thousands of boxes full of supplies, now the problem is getting those supplies to the island and that's proving to be be a logistical nightmare. 4-year-old elaine campbell has seen the devastation in haiti on tv and had the same reaction as most of us. >> she was watching the earthquake in haiti and she was thinking about it and wants to donate her toys and clothes. >> reporter: she is one of the people who sorted through thousands of bags and boxes bound for haiti at a dc warehouse. >> this is something we need to do. this is a day of giving back to the community dr. martin luther king's birthday. what a better place to be. >> reporter: there's blankets, bottled water, clothes, medicine. they have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of donation but the trouble now is getting supplies to a country whose infrastructure has been ravaged by the earthquake. >> we are reaching out to companies like federal express, this is what they do. , u.p.s., fedex, we need your help. >>
peninsula. kimberly dozier in washington has more on that part of the story. story. >> reporter: this is yemeni government video of its u.s.-trained counter-terrorist teams at work. but cbs news has lshed exclusively that recent combined air and ground assaults against al qaeda in december were american-led, according to a u.s. special prayings expert who trains yemeni officers. >> that was very much something executed by the united states but with very heavy support by the yemeni government. it was cruise missile strikes, in combination with military units on the ground, but it was a very disik signal from the obama administration that they are serious in assisting yemen remove these al qaeda facilities from its soil. >> reporter: the target, al qaeda of the arabian peninsula, an affiliate of osama bin laden's group with a popular following in yemen. the yemeni offshoot claimed responsibility for the attempted airliner bombing on christmas day, but american counter-terrorist teams have been track al qaeda in yemen since the uss "cole" bombing in 2000 and the u.s. military, incl
unbelievable. however, he is inspired to push on. the haitian embassy here in washington, of course the phones have been ringing off the hook since news of the earthquake broke. haitian americans are calling and trying to get information about loved ones back in haiti. haitian diplomates say they are having a hard time getting information but they are going to try to help anyone with questions about loved ones. >>> we have some good news out of haiti. thanks to a local doctor. dr. irwin of manassas has helped to build a hospital there. and he said that that hospital survived the quake. it is still standing. doctor irwin is mobilizing a team to go to haiti to help those in need. and if you would like to make a charitable donation to the residents of haiti, the federal trade commission is recommending that you check out the charity before you give your money. the better business bureau, charity navigator and the american institute of philanthropy are good resources, and you can visit the national association of state charity officials to see if a specific charity is regulated. we warn you to be
themselves. >> i'm audrey barnes in southwest washington. where investigators are looking into an accident on the red line this morning that claim the lives of two more metro workers. >> the two workers were on foot doing maintenance and were struck and killed on the track just north of rockville this morning. may were hit by a maintenance crew riding the rails in reverse. >> the community cation between the operations control center and all of the employees involved is one of the critical elements we are going to be including into our investigation. that is something we will be pursuing. >> victims are metro veterans. been with the transit agency since 1998. jeffly gerard since 1990. >> our hards go out to the families of the individuals who passed today. it's a very, very sad day for us all. >> the four workers have been interviewed and drug tested, results are due back in a few days. >> and jeffrey's widow tells 9news now, her husband loved his job and his family and she simply cannot believe he is gone. >> it's just a bad dream and at what point am i going to wake up? >> metro's
of the national days of service events taking place in washington here today on our website at live in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now and >>> jessica doyle is off today but we have the "living $mart" report at 7 after the hour. a deal could be reached by wednesday to sell the washington wizards. the "washington post" reports capitals owner is in negotiations reportedly to buy the team. he was given first right of refusal following the death of abe poland last year. the team is worth $450 million. >>> montgomery county may try to lure costco to wheaton. the council is considering a $4 million deal. it would bring the warehouse retailer to the mall there. costco would replace the hold hects. >>> maryland leaders are down playing a report that bwi martial airport for sale. a department of transportation spokesman says there is no effort to sell the airport. >>> it is 8 after the hour. in four minutes the hero central report. bring you an update on a local literacy program. learn new developments with hortons kids an how we are helping out. right now it is focus on ma
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that experience and leadership in there. it will be unbelievable. >> great day in washington redskins history to have coach like coach shanahan. you don't get too many two-time winning coaches on your football team. >> reporter: on the excitement about the new direction for the washington redskins makes me want to buy a jersey. that says a lot for someone who grew up watching the dallas cowboys. if you do it since you are from new orleans, i'll do it. we will join the movement. >> absolutely, when they aren't playing the saints. all right, alex. thank you. how do you think the redskins will fair with their new head coach. are they heading to the play- offs or will it be a sub par season. vote in the poll at he we will check the results at 6:30. >>> jim zorn says he never considered quitting his job. he said the firing is hardest on the family. >> there is a lot of risk involved in being an nfl coach. this is part of the risk. the risk of failure. the risk of having to now go find another opportunity. >> you can watch brett haber's interpreter view at >>> the feds are rep
last game with the redskins. the team played the final game yesterday. highlights for washington include an 84-yard pass play down to the 4-yard line. redskins playing begins the chargers second and third string led in the third quarter, but billy bowl i can had a drive thenned in a touchdown with less than a minute left. they end with 4 and 12 record. crews are outside redskins park as the team arrived back from the west coast flight. brett haber joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. here is what we know at this hour. about 15 minutes ago around 4:45 this morning, jim ñson exited the building flanked by redskins security, got in his porsche and drove off the property for what we presume was the last time. sources reporting, close to the team reporting he was fired shortly after arriving back at redskins park around 2:30 this morning from the trip to san diego. the loss that you just chronicled to the chargers, and nor of turner who knows what it is like to be on the business end of a daniel snider firing. if true, it brings an end to the tenure marked by early su
the way. as we look at realtime graphics. 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway, no problems 32 to the beltway. speaking of 495, here's the live shot here. we were moving well from new hampshire over to georgia. look like the inner loop is fine, as well. in virginia, 66 heading eastbound. things slowing down just a bit between 50 and 123. the beltway in virginia, meanwhile, is moving nicely between 95 up to 66. check out that realtime sensor. the average is 62 miles an hour. that's a quick look at traffic. >>> >> we face big and difficult challenges. what the american people hope, what they deserve, is for all of us, democrats and republicans, to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our policies. >> reporter: president obama is calling for bipartisan solutions for the economy his first state of the union address. the president focused on the economy in his speech and today he will hit the road to promote new initiatives. tara mergener has more on what the president said and the gop response. >> reporter: president obama's top priority this year is get
is achieving it. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >> the senate has confirmed ben bernanke to a second term as the federal reserve. he faced the stiffest opposition in the 32 years the senate voted on the position. he had become a lightning rod for criticism over wall street bailout but he was able to overcome opposition to win a second term by a vote of 70-30. >>> time for another "living $mart" report and digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with an economic checkup. doctor? >> well, i have to tell you these numbers are almost hard to believe given with what we have soon with the economy. later this morning we will have a reading on the economic growth in the final three months of the year. some are predicting the gross domestic product report will show a red-hot 6%. that's a pace not reached since 2003. you may be asking why and the reason is government stimulus measures and why many analysts are predicting the growth will fade as these programs end. >>> rates on a 30-year mortgage have remained almost flat this week as the federal reserve said it would keep rates near record
of the power outages. one thing it has done, 60 in washington and dulles. cool pot is cumberland at 45. mild morning. the seven-day forecast, right now angie has a lot to tell you about with the wet roads. >> beginning with 95. check out those head lights there. a slow, wet commute from the prince william parkway. watching the drivers hit the road early. if you are traveling southbound on 95. getting word near cardinal drive a lot of high-standing water and reports of a lot of people spinning out. take it slow. other weather-related problems we are tracking. rolling road in virginia still seeing that downed tree. police are diverting traffic there. and reports of downed wires in the area. we are also getting a report there's lights out at the intersection of commerce and back lick. treat it as a four-way stop. great falls where we have two trees in the roadway. taking away roads, as well. we will move outside and show you 270. shake a camera. two hands on the wheel. the drive to the split is filling out between father hurley. tacking on an extra 10 minutes. that delay is growing and wrap wit
>>> a new era today, the washington redskins prepare to introduce their new coach, mike shanahan. good morning. thank you for joining us. today is wednesday, january 6th. it's another cold morning. howard bernstein has the forecast. >> we've had flurry activity, enough to put a little coating down. we saw it in fairfax county, moving south, upper air disturbance squeezing out snow flakes moving south right now. it has moved generally south of the district. doppler tracking the flurries, snowshowers, waning somewhat here. they are going down into stafford county. it's grayer, not as white as it was earlier when it was up here. there you go. we're losing some of that action, some intensity of the snowfall. enough to put a dusting down, we see it in charles county, riverside, coming into colonial beach. we'll talk temperatures this morning which have been around 30. that's not so bad after where we've been. teens in the mountains. snow on the way tomorrow night, more about the clipper when i see you in a few minutes. 9:01, it's time for angie. >> time for me to deliver the condition
with washington and let's move forward with policies that spark the economy. >> reporter: the poll gives the president high marks for handling terrorist threats. 57% of the people surveyed say they approve of the administration's handling of the failed plane bombing on christmas day. >> he is looking in to everything that has to be done and that's what the president of the united states should be doing. if president obama is going to turn those numbers around, even democrats admit he will have to start with the biggest issue here at home. >> this is not seen as president bush's economy but president obama's economy and he needs to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: that's on the agenda in the days ahead. economists warn unemployment could be at 10% for most of the year. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> we have a developing story from u.s. district court in washington. that's are a grand jury is looking in to to the so-called white house party crashers. irwin gomez, the hotel for mrs. is a hi was expected to testify. he was seen leaving the court this morning. salahi and he
struggling. only 21 right now here in washington. still some teens in hagerstown. fredericksburg 27 with the wind chill a real problem, only 8. we have winter weather advisories to the south, charles county, sane maries county, not sure why calvert isn't in it but it isn't. fredericksburg, culpeper. all of these from 7 a.m. on saturday to 4:00 a.m. on sunday. northern neck and south of that maybe upgraded to warnings. we will see some snow. generally light here in dc. heavier south. i will tell you how much i think we will get when i see you in 14 minutes. >>> we'll get back to you, howard. >>> president obama is counting on tax breaks and other new policies to get americans back to work. he's rolling out his new plan. while he's in baltimore. we're looking at a live picture. while in baltimore, the president will also talk with republican lawmakers who are holding a retreat. it will not be easy, but the president needs the republican support to turn his proposals in to a reality. joel brown is in baltimore. >> reporter: president obama headed for a baltimore factory to roll out mor
is the oldest woman in washington, d.c. armando trull spent the afternoon with edie williams hoping to get some tips. >> i'll tell you what, god ain't no fool. >> feisty or not, edie is thought to be the oldest woman in washington, d.c. her birthday is next monday. >> how old are you going to be? >> oh, how old am i? 110. >> 110? >> yes. >> wow, you look good for 110. >> i do? thank you. >> and edie is still going strong. >> no operation, no bedridden, [ inaudible ] >> i cook -- >> at monday's party, her eight grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren, and seven great, great grandchildren. her long time care giver says the birthday girl is looking forward to it. >> every day we are laughing and laughing. >> the children come -- >> really? what are you going to dance? what's your favorite dance? >> oh, i like anything. i can dance. >> really? >> oh yeah. >> the former red cross nurse was born in tampa, but lived in the district for 56 years and says the secret to a long life is no secret at all. >> you, me, and anybody. look up. >> in northeast washington, armando trull, 9news
captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >>> from washington, "the mclaughlin group," the american original. for over two decades, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talks. "the mclaughlin group" is brought to you by met life, guarantees for the "if" in life. >>> issue one. the anti-obama? >> i'm scott brown. i'm from wrentham, and i drive a truck. i am nobody's senator except yours. >> scott phillip brown pulled off one of the greatest upsets of american political history this week. the 50-year-old republican, brown, defeated democratic senate candidate massachusetts attorney general martha coakley. brown will answer the u.s. senate as the 41st republican. that ends the democrats' filibuster-proof 60-seat super majority. is the massachusetts republican senator scott brown -- here's scott brown on the issues. terrorism. >> in dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them and not lawyers to defend them! >> fiscal responsibility. >> no more hiding costs, concealing taxes, collaborating with
have a decent burst of snow going on. you can see live doppler nine thousand in washington the snow is clear of the beltway in to southern prince georges county in too calvert and anne arundel county, over in charles county as we continue to go to the south. one of our new storm reports came in. two inches and still snowing. it has been coming down. annapolis starts to clear out in the next 20 minutes or so. the eastern shore, the white bands from queenstown across the bay to shady side and beale. that's the moderate snow going on. calvert couldn't city snowing at a good clip. plum point, chesapeake beach, badden, waldorf to hughsville seeing it but starting to clear out in charles county. in virginia it's over. mechanicsville to saint leonard and lusby seeing it. jan in reedville said she had two inches and a little rain mixing in down in in the reedville area. back to the weather computer and show you the storm which is pulling away from us. as it does so the winds will shift too the northwest and the cold air is coming in. 20s in the shenandoah valley up to martinsburg and winche
trevino has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the future career of washington's most colorful athlete is uncertain and it's unclear when or if gilbert arenas will return to the verizon center to dazzle fans. it has been his inappropriate attitude in the wake of the allegations that prompted harsh and swift discipline. >> of course it will be hard. that's why we are so upbeat because we know it's out there -- what is out there is way far from the truth. >> we abide by the statement. we can't worry about it. we have to worry about going out and performing with the players that we have. >> reporter: new details surfaced that could put the other player in worse trouble than arenas. "the washington post" reports that while arenas may have laid unloaded guns on the locker of a teammate, two witnesses say that teammate, javaris crittenton responded to arenas by loading a clip of ammunition, and cocking the weapon. arenas promised to take the heat for both players. arenas hopes to meet with david stern soon. he wants to remind the commissioner that he is the kind of person that likes to throw
are all here today in the first place. we have a new head coach for the washington redskins. the 7th head coach to be precise in the dan snyder era. dan snyder tried all sorts of coaches here. tried ones with lots of experience like marty schottenheimer. ones with none like jim zorn. steve spurrier. is mike shanahan the man to change that pattern? >> ladies and gentlemen, we got our man. [ applause ] >> reporter: on monday when they fired jim zorn the redskins said they wanted to end the status quo. i say they have ended it. mike shanahan arrived in washington promising wholesale and immediate change. >> you've got to do things right every day and if you do things right every day then you've got a chance to get better. but it is not going to be what we are going to do next year, it is what we are going to do today. how we are getting better as an organization and that does take a lot of effort from a lot of people. >> reporter: the sign on mike shanahan's office door has already been installed saying head coach and he has been also named executive vice president of football operations mea
>>> this is 9 news now. >>> washington wizards point guard gilbert arenas no stranger to controversy but now one of basketball's star players could be in trouble with the law. tonights the washington wizards top player is caught up in a criminal investigation. the new york post reports that gilbert arenas and a teammate drew guns on each other in the team's locker room at the verizon center. the christmas eve argument allegedly stemmed from a gambling argument. armando trull has reaction. good evening, armando. >> reporter: that's right. the story appears to be this can no longer be called the verizon center but the verizon corral and there was a showdown. gilbert arenas had no comment. in fact he ducked our camera today and no wonder the new york post is reporting the washington wizards franchise player allegedly waved a gun in his teammate's face during a locker room dispute over gambling debt. the story quotes nba sources is alleging that creditten don't then pulled his gun at arenas and this prompted the christmas eve release that made no mix mention of the alterc
'm excited and honored to be the head coach of the washington redskins. i promise you i won't disappoint you. i will give it everything i got. >> this man is proven to be one of the most consistent winners in the history of the nfl. today we are staring at a man that the new york times once said he dares to be great. >> reporter: and two interesting things missing from this introductory press conference today. they usually bring out the super bowl trophies. those were not out on display and dan snyder did not sit at the podium. he said nothing, just sitting in the front row taking it in. >> we will see how the off season and regular season unfolds. i wonder what else will happen in sports tonight. i can't imagine. sara walsh and brett haber, we will have updates tonight at 11:00 p.m. for now, derek, back to you. >> we know if something happens the two of you will be on it. >>> catching up with fans today who still seem a bit skeptical about the team's chances. >> how many coaches will it take? >> very skeptical. we need to get rid of a lot of the dead weight on the current redskins team. we
to particularly intense screenings. tara mergener is this washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, these international travelers will be facing new scrutiny now. the tsa calls it a major step forward. starting came, all travelers who want to get into the u.s. will have to play by tough new security rules. but people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will see the biggest changes. mandatory full body pat-downs, carry-out searches and body scans are part of the latest ways of enhanced procedures. at least 14 countries are on the list, nearly all are muslim. philadelphia residents alex and nica went through ramped up measures on their flight from belgium sunday but weren't impressed. >> they looked through my bag and they missed one bag, so sort of felt very artificial. >> reporter: the new guide lines come more than a week after a man allegedly tried to blow up a u.s.-bound plane on christmas day. airports around the world have been on alert ever since. another security breach just last night forced one. country's
they can endure the long- term process of rebuilding. >> the washington area turned out in a big way today at the haitian embassy to help relief efforts. >> reporter: this was the scene in front of the haitian embassy in washington as more than 1000 people showed their solidarity for haiti's earthquake victims. >> my dad is haitian and the rest of my family are here trying to donate as much as we can. >> i have grandchildren so i have plenty of stock of formula, diapers and wipes and stuff like that. >> granola bars and soup and tuna in oil packages. >> there is another truck coming in a second. >> reporter: there were helping hands of all sizes. >> we brought hand sanitizer. some soap. some brushes and some toothpaste. >> reporter: others there with shelters. a tent with supplies for up to 10 people. >> sleeping bags. water purification kits and tools that a family of ten needs to survive. >> reporter: and folks were not about to let a bit of icy rain get in the efforts to help those most in need in haiti. >> i'm very thankful. the response is huge. >> reporter: so huge that the embassy s
of washington county. martinburg -- some sleet and freezing rain. upwards of three inches of snow in kaiser. cumberland has frozen precip as well and farther down. a break to the southwest. more rain and freezing rain through wardensville, front royal. pockets of freezing rain and rain. we know also down further south in the shenandoah valley toward harrissonburg we have had freezing rain, as well. as you head east of the blue ridge we are seeing temperatures 33, 34. hopefully we will stay above freezing. on the computer we have an upper level storm across west virginia. that enhances precipitation the next several hours. while there are lulls we are not done yet. looks like it will be mainly wet in the metro. winter weather advisories in affect until 6:00 p.m. getting word of a two hour delay in frederick county, maryland. middletown feeder schools are on a two hour delay. remember updated every two minutes with the delays. we tell you about them as we get them in. to the roads. a water main break has florida avenue closed between west virginia and 11th street. take 8th to k to g
attack and threatened more terrorism. tara mergener is in washington with details. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, authorities are not sure if that is, in fact, the voice of osama bin laden, but they say the tone is alarming. >> our at that time tacks on you will continue -- >> reporter: in what's believed to be the latest message from osama bin laden, the most wanted man in the world takes some of the credit for the botched christmas day bombing and vows to strike again. the al qaeda leader directly addresses president obama saying the plot was supposed to inflict the same kind of terror as 9/11. he threatens to unleach more attacks if the u.s. does not end its support of israel. >> this is a message for the american people. this is a message that unless you change your foreign policy, we're going continue attacking you. >> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over and audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist. >> reporter: some analysts are especially troubled by bin laden's language in the latest message. >>
-au-prince to the snows of washington state, a new beginning for three haitian orphans. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama would be the first to admit this hasn't been his best week. his poll numbers are down and his plans to reform health care are up in the air after democrats lost their supermajority in the senate. so today he sought to rekindle the fire with a campaign-style swing through ohio's rust belt using the word "fight" over a dozen times as he pushed for a new jobs program and health care reform. chip reid is our chief white house correspondent. chip, they're calling this the white house to main street tour, and he's really trying to show average americans he's on their side. >> reporter: that's right, katie. ever since that stunning defeat in massachusetts, we've been waiting to see if the president was going to come out fighting. today he answer that question with an emphatic yes. before a fired-up crowd in northern ohio, the president left no doubt he
underway in washington. a live look at haiti northwest, that visual is hosted by the greater washington greater relief committee. >> there is an old saying in the military that the last mile to your destination is always the hardest. that's even more through these days in haiti. bruce leshan is live if many southeast, where organizers tonight are trying to figure out how to get tons of supplies to the people who need them, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, they need them. clearly it is easier for them. and more efficient to actually just send money. send a check. but this is a big dc government warehouse. and inside there, it's completely stuffed with donations of bottled water, clothes, blankets, medical supplies. but the greater washington relief committee is now pleading for help in trying to get all this stuff to the island. >> reporter: hundreds of people, they heard the call and turned up to help. all this stuff donated by poem across the washington region. volunteers, they have shorted and boxed it. and prepared it for delivery. and the 4-year-old, campbell, has seen the devastation on t
is pushing south and east of washington, we can zoom in to the areas south and east. this stuff is really coming down. you can see it from annapolis to donaldssonville and waldorf and quantico and wood are woodbridge. north of 66 and fairfax county, you are done with the snow. montgomery and howard county, snow is over for you. in the district we are just about done except for the extreme southeast and southwest. go to the weather computer and show you the storm system. the snow across the east and even a little in norfolk but they are in the mid-30s. in the mountains get ready for another blast of the cold air, which will give you another blast of snow. we have temperatures sitting right at 32 here in town. mid-20s in me shenandoah valley. it is 33 with the snow in patuxent river and fredericksburg but we have colder air moving in. as we look at it one more time. there's the snow and it is just about over. i think it will end southeast of us over the next 30 to 60 minutes. we have had a couple of problems out there thanks to the snow. overall things are looking good considering
's resolution time and the health and fitness clubs in the washington area and throughout the country are out in full force. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live from northwest washington with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. of course to estimates 45% of americans will make fitness and weight loss their resolution this new year. unfortunately, the statistics show that after a few weeks of those goals begin to fade and after a few months most just don't return. joining us live is bret west, spokesperson for sport and health here on brandy wine in northwest washington. talk to us about tips to stay on track. >> we find -- we find a lot of people come in the new year and want to set up big goals. one of the best things to do is set measurable goals. you don't take a whole piece of bread and stuff it in your mouth, one bite at a time. fitness is the same thing. a little bit at a time and find buddy, a partner to help you keep accountable. we find that you know 12% of people who set a new year's resolution actually accomplish it. i think by setting obtainable
of the washington redskins. the story broke just about an hour ago. >> let's go straight to sports directer brett haber. >> reporter: that's night's dinner was a sales pitch. tonight's dinner was a celebration. according to multiple sources this evening, the deal is done, and mike shanahan is the head coach of the washington redskins. also the vice president of football operations, the same title vinny sirado held. sources say sean than will have final say on all football- related manners. the deal said to be for five years at the same $7 million annual salary he got in denver, and for the first two seasons, half of the figure will be paid by the broncos. he signed the deal at redskins park tonight and posed for pictures with daniel snyder. we spoke with several players beginning to albert hansworth. >> my agent texted me and said shanahan will be the new head coach. i think it will be great and give us a chance to compete. i'm not experienced in the leadership, and it will be unbelievable. >> i think will be a great day in the washington redskins football history to add coach shanahan. you don't
union station here in washington d.c.. northbound and southbound trains are delayed because of a fatal accident involving a 14- year-old girl. investigators say that the train struck and killed the girl while she was on her way to school in middle river, baltimore county. at this point we are not sure how long the trains along the northeast corridor will be delayed. but stay tuned to 9 news now and we will have the latest information there >>> president obama has summoned his top advisers to the white house. where he will outline sweeping new security measures at airports. after the foiled christmas day attack on an american jet bound for to detroit. joel brown has more. >> reporter: president obama will announce steps to strengthen airline security. he's called a meeting of his 20 top advisers at the white house to go over the new strategy. he wants to improve terror watch list systems and close information loopholes the the challenge is to make sure agencies are combining data so no one slips through the cracks. >> you always want to be in the business of prevention.
's a report that washington wizards teammate, arenas and another player drew guns on each other and the new york time cites an anonymous sport says it happened when the he became angry on arenas for making good on a gambling debt. >>> sarah foxwell will be laid to rest today. her body was found after she was abducted from her home. police suspect her mother's boyfriend is responsible. he is currently in custody charged with kidnapping. >>> the new year brings in a load of new crimes. police are investigating a homicide in northeast. a man was found shot dead inside of his car shortly before midnight on the 4800 block of north capitol street. apparently he crashed after being shot. police have not identified the victim. >>> also in northeast, officers found a teenager with a gunshot wound in the 200 block of hawaii avenue. emergency crews took 19-year- old emmanuel durant junior to the hospital where he later died. police are offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. >>> in the southeast and southeast washington, a late- night service at the new life
and martinsburg and right now in the teens to mid-20s. 25 here in washington. we are going in the low to mid- 30s. more clouds this afternoon and maybe flurries. the good news is not too windy at all. speaking of good news, angie, do you have any? >> i do in the sense we don't have anything major going on right now. no major roads are closed at the time. but we want to start with video from earlier. this is crews out in mclean, virginia earlier. this water main break is something we see with cold temperatures like this. it sat the intersection of mcgarrity and griffith and they are taking away lanes as needed. a live shot. 395 northbound is still a slow ride. backing up here from the beltway to king street. i'm estimating that drive time at 15 minutes. keeping it moving, we have it bumper-to-bumper on 66 eastbound from 50 to the beltway. no incidents or accidents. that's not the situation going westbound at route 50. we are crash activity on the right shoulder. this is something new too. head over to maryland. 270 and shady grove road. an accident is adding to the delay that starts at 37 -- 370 a
. washington fire and ems working the blaze also found a body on the rocks near rock creek underneath the m street bridge. pepco, haz mat crews have responded to the scene. the fire caused heavy smoke to rise in this area. >> this type of fire can be toxic, so as a precaution, we did close off pennsylvania avenue to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. in the pennsylvania avenue along the rockcreek parkway, in the vicinity of the m street overpass when they came across a body. an adult male was at the base of the bridge down along the rock creek. of course medics were called in to assess the situation, rescue squad was brought in and we extricated that victim to the street level. >> right now, rock creek parkway is shut down between calvert street and the kennedy center. the bridge here is also closed to vehicles and pedestrians as a precaution. you can access southbound rock creek parkway at k street. we have some major traffic issues in this area. traffic is backed up on k street. if you are headed in this area, plan ahead and be safe out there. we are live in northwest washington, 9news now
and yellow. >> let's have somebody break it down, man. >> hip, hip. >> that ray. >> washington fell into a 2-6 slide into the second half of that debut season. >> i just feel like the worst coach in america. >> reporter: the off season brought hope. 2009 began the way 2008 ended. >> we have high expectations and losing creates thoughts. >> reporter: the theory many believed is the second year of the five year contract would be his last, despite unwaivering support from his players. >> it is definitely not one person. >> after an embarrassing loss management no longer believed his ability to run the offense. stripping him of the duties and hiring lewis who went to calling the plays. some of the guys weren't sure who he was. >> he accepted the decision but he never liked it. >> if it is really the play calling i'm ready to try it. >> they gave him an endorsement for the remainder of the season. new general manager was noncommittal about zoran's long- term prospect. >> we will discuss the future. >> reporter: but he no longer had one here in washington. the first major decision became firing th
: the family's house is being rebuilt and they plan to return. in northeast washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> the dc fire department went back to the neighborhood around jackson street today to check and hand out working fire detector. >>> the 9-year-old boy seriously injured when a tree fell in westminster has died. noah austeed was hit by a hickory tree on tuesday. they were getting ready for a hike when the tree came do you know. the 10-year-old girl also injured in the accident was treated and released from the hospital. >>> a gray day to start off 2010. check with devon lucie on the weather terrace for the forecast first. >> the winds are starting to pick up outside. getting a little breezy. it will be down right windy once we go overnight to tomorrow morning. wind speeds 20 miles an hour. in gaithersburg below that. 9-mile an hour breeze and these are from the northwest. checking out the temperatures northwest of here as winds will usher in whatever blows over if it will be warmer air or rain and snow, brings that in and those colder temperatures are heading o
out the door by team staff and ening his 2 year 20 loss odyssey here in washington. red skin's owner daniel schneider issuing a statement reading in part quote no one in the organization is satisfied with our record over the last two years and i am sure that jim would concur with that statement. it has been painful for him, too. i certainly accept responsibility for mistakes that i have made. dan snyder making that confession today. gm bruce allen saying he didn't want to wait one more day to start fixing this franchise for next year and we will hear from him inside redskins park in about 25 minutes. >>> and players have supported publicly jim zorn throughout this entire 4-12 season but really none of them inside of the locker room were surprised that their coach had been fired. players started arriving at the facility just after 9:00 this morning. they are now left with the uncertainty of who will take over this team. and if they will fit into the future coach planes. bruce allen met with the team in a meeting that would last less than 10 minutes and the message was clear. change is
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